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Home loans for Cannabis Workers

What is a Cannabis Workers Home Loan?

These are essentially the same home loan one would get if they worked in any other industry. Except they are not financed through the regular banking channels are. Federally chartered banks are unable to lend to workers in the cannabis industry. Our lenders are “non bank” lenders meaning that they issue home loans using private funding. The lenders understand the viability of this budding industry and realize that workers in this space should be able to purchase a home for their families like anybody else who is working in a legal space.

Where we can help you?

*Note: Due to financing restrictions on these types of loans we can only service the states above. We also encourage you to call, message or email us before starting an application.

Loan Eligibility

Just like any other loan you will still have to qualify using traditional underwriting guidelines. Meaning they will want to see you have minimum credit criteria and income as well as the required down-payment to support the loan payments.

We are able to do loans for all loan types including W2, 1099, and self employed borrowers.

Competitive Interest Rates

Alternative Income Documentation

We are able to offer alternative income documentation. For example, using bank statements for self-employed borrowers as opposed to tax returns.

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CFG is owned and operated by Proud Veterans, military family members and supporters of our Great Armed Forces. We have extensive experience with the loan process and are here to support you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How long do I need to be employed in the industry?

Similar to a traditional loan, underwriters will typically want to see a minimum of two years work history.  In some cases, as little as 1 year of history may work with compensating factors such as strong credit history, reserves and alternative income.

What is a cannabis worker?

This applies to any individual that derives their income from the production, distribution, or manufacturing of LEGAL cannabis sales. You must be legally registered to work in this space and claim this type of income on your taxes.

I heard title companies will not issue a Title Policy on the home?

Many title companies will not issue these policies, however there are many that will.

Isn’t cannabis illegal on a Federal Level?

Cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, but as we see with every election it is becoming more widely accepted and legalized in additional states. It is only a matter of time before it becomes Federally legalized and fully regulated like any other industry.

Do you offer business loans for the cannabis industry?

Unfortunately, our cannabis related loan services are limited to residential goals. We do not offer business or commercial lending for this industry at this time. However hope to expand and offer these services in the future.

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